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Testimonial by Fabio F.
Russ, I just wanted to send you an email to let you know I was gladly surprised when my order arrived. The comics were in excellent condition, the package was well protected. With a service and price like yours you certainly have gained another faithful customer. Thanks again for all your attention, Kind Regards, Fabio
Testimonial by Michael Su.
Hi Russell! I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your continued EXCELLENT customer service! I have been using your service since December 2006 and I NEVER, EVER have thoughts about using any other subscription service or feel I need to walk into a comic book store. Your site is easy to understand and to order from and you have a superior discount and mailing service over your competitors. I recommend and challenge everyone to use your site at least once to see how smoothly the transaction from ordering to receiving boarded and bagged comics at your home really is! Keep up the great work and thanks again for making comic book shopping online FUN
Testimonial by Bryan
(Please Note. Customer is in same state appx 2 hours from our business)
I can't imagine this even being possible. I ordered for the first time through in the early evening hours of December 17, 2007. I received my comics on December 18, 2007 (my mail comes at 3:00pm). These books were in fantastic shape and were packaged great. The free bags and boards, the superior discounts on preorders, new, and back issues will definitely keep me (and any others that I can turn your way) as a customer for life. I honestly do not think I could have driven to my LCS, searched for what I needed, paid, and then drove back home in the time that sent me these comics. I definitely would have paid more. Thanks for a fantastic business and I look forward to dealing with you again. -Bryan
Testimonial by Bryan
I just want to thank you for bringing me over to comicsupply. I really enjoy the tight secure shipping and getting bags and boards in every order which is a big savings over mailordercomics which I switched from. The flat rate 40% on all books is a great deal and I hope to be a long time customer. Thanks, Bryan
Testimonial by Robert H.
Russ, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know the replacement bags arrived today, and they fit the boards perfectly. Thanks so much for taking care of this problem for me. Customer service means a great deal to me, especially when purchasing over the Internet, and your responsiveness, communication, and willingness to do whatever it took to resolve this problem really made a positive impression on me. I will definitely be returning to in the future, and will have no qualms about recommending your company to others. Thanks again, and take care. Robert
Testimonial by Matt S.
Hi Russell, Just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU for a great service! I was hoping this site would live up to its great promise, and it shipping and free bags/boards (nice ones too!) equal a terrific value. You will have all my advance order business for as long as I'm buying! And yes, you can quote me on that. :) Thanks, Matt
Testimonial by Len
Russ - Hey I wanted to drop you a quick line... I received my back issues order from you guys on Monday and finally had a chance to look through things last night. Honestly they are the most meticulously graded books I've ever received from an online vendor. In some cases I'd even argue the grades were a bit higher than what you had them listed at. As a long time collector I really appreciate this. I'll definitely be buying more back issues from you very soon. Between the way you handle my monthly new books order, the quality of your back issue, and the awesome customer service you and Kym provide you have one of the top online comic sites out there. Thanks so much! Speak to you soon, Len
Testimonial by Fred R
I received my order today. A comic box, bags and boards...and a comic. All in one box. Some may call it madness, but you did it and succeeded. You have it down to an art form. Thanks again, Fred
Testimonial by Todd P
Russell, I found your site a few years ago when I was looking to pick up some supplies, I was so impressed with the communication, pricing, and quality of service I received that when you started offering Back Issues and especially Silver Age Comics I thought I would order some issues as well. Again it was an impressive experience so I continued to check your site every so often. I decided to take advantage of your latest sale/promotion and just received my shipment today...WOW!!! The books are in incredible shape and I am overwhelmed at how well everything was packaged. It is truley rare when a company such as yours not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of its customers! You have a customer for life... Thanks again for everything, Todd.
Testimonial by Arthur M
Dear Russell, Thank you for the fast order. I put the order in on sunday got it on thursday that's awesome. I am working on my second order now thanks for the good work. I love comicsupply....Arthur
Testimonial by Gerry
Russell, I received my order in record time! I ordered on Monday and got the package Thursday. Your site is the best comic book site I've ever come across! With your large inventory, great prices, even greater sales, and the shipping--kudos to you and everyone at! I've been buying from you for a while now an will continue to do so. Thanks again, Gerry
Testimonial by Gary H
Hello Just a quick hello. I am 45 years old and have been collecting comics since 1969. I have mail ordered back issues since "Robert Bell" had a catalog in the early 70's.And I can tell you this: You are a really good grader. And your shipping is THE best! Keep up the great work! Gary H
Testimonial by Rafael C
Hi Russell, Thank you for my order. I just received it. This is the first time that I order bags for my comics and they were great!!! the best packaging job I've ever seen. The comics also were perfect - I am very satisfied!!! International thanks!!!! (from Spain)
Testimonial by Mike S.
Hi Russ: Thanks for the extra effort on getting the Mylites from Gerber. Much appreciated. The X-Men 94 is perfect for me, and your grading is very tight. I've been collecting since 1973--can't tell you how great it is to find a dealer who still knows how to grade accurately and price his books accordingly. Needless to say, I'll definitely be back for more! (Thanks also for the archival paper inserts...) Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Best, Mike
Testimonial by Randy Kanishock
Dear Russell, Just wanted you to know that I think your service is excellent. All the comics purchased were excellent in shape and condition. I also would like to add on the quick sevice. It is excellent also. I am going to be a faithful customer for a long time with your company. Have a good christmas and new year. The Kanishocks
Testimonial by Ryan B
Hi Russell, Thank you for my order - I received it today. This is the best packaging job I've ever seen. The comics were perfect - I am very happy. I look forward to ordering from you again. Best, Ryan B, California
Testimonial by Lawrence B
Hi, I just received my first order from you and couldn't be happier. They were all relatively inexpensive back issues, but they were as described, if not better. I'm certainly glad I found your store via the CGC forum. I will be a returning customer! Thanks, Lawrence
Testimonial by Jean L
Hello, I've received my big parcel yesterday , and I'm very satisfied. Great Professionalism. Your comics are in perfect shape and well packed. I just wanted to thank you for the insurance too.I will make another order soon. Thanks, Jean L
Testimonial by William
Russell, I just wanted to let you know my Mylites arrived last week with the archival paper. The shipping was very fast and well packed. I really appreciate the time you took over the phone to explain to me about storing and preserving my comics. I was unaware of the mistakes I was making. My comics are very important to me and you have on your website everything I need to preserve them until my kids grow up so they can enjoy them as I did. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your devotion to your customers. William
Testimonial by Chris C.
Russell, Hi! just wanted to let you know that i received ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN # 6 in the mail today. it looks great. thanks for having this issue in stock and for the killer price on the book. i will definitely be shopping with you again in the near future. hope you get a copy of the white variant cover of USM # 1 in the near future. i like to get that one. take care and look forward to doing business with you again soon. Regards, Chris C
Testimonial by Chris Hansen
I got the supplies in this morning, just in time for the move. I really appreciate everything that you and your staff have done. You guys really are the best bar none. I will definately be ordering a lot more stuff from you guys in the future. You guys always do a bang up job and I have never been dissappointed in the least. You are on top of your game and it shows.What can I say I have had nothing but one positive experience after another. Keep up the outstanding work. Thanks again, Chris
Testimonial by S. Coffey
Thank you for the great books, in great packaging, this is the best internet comic buying experience that I have ever had, and that says a lot. I'm not just blowing smoke here, other companies have failed to live up to their hype, with you though there is NO hype, just a promise kept, and that is more important. S. Coffey
Testimonial by Chris H.
I just had to get in touch and let you guys know how happy I was with my most recent order. Not only were the books in great shape, but they got here in less than a week. Thanks again guys. You did a really awesome job once again. Chris
Testimonial by Charlene. P
Hi, Thank you for the GREAT Contest!!! $65 A Month for a year!!! With your already FANTASTIC Prices on Comics, I will be in Comic HEAVEN!!! You guys are the BEST on the Web, And FAR BETTER then any on location Comic store!!! I apprieciate the OUTSTANDING Customer service, Extremly Fast Shipping!!! And The conservetive Grading on AWSOME Comic's!!! CUSTOMER FOREVER!!!! Sincerely, Charlene. P
Testimonial by Dusty Sargent
I wanted to write this note to thank the people at comicsupply for walking me through any problems I was having with their service, they bent over backwards to fix the problem i was having with an order and it was MY fault, I bet milehigh wouldn't do that for you! Not to mention I won Fifty dollars in free merchandise from their comics for a year contest. Sincerely, Dusty Sargent, Happy customer.
Testimonial by Matt, Once again you guys have out done yourself. I ordered supplies on Saturday morning and they are at my house early Tuesday afternoon! Thanks again! Matt
Testimonial by Chris
Russ, I just wanted to let you guys know that I just recieved my 1st package from you guys. I am very impressed. Not just with the books, or with the speed in which they got here, but with the entire transaction as a whole. I will certainly be purchasing more books from your company in the future. Thanks again. Your new loyal customer, Chris
Testimonial by Marc Harbec
You just plain rock! Bottom line! My package that I ordered just arrived faster than I thought. It also contains everything in great shape. Not only did you ship fast, but the service you offer to you costumers is amazing. When my credit card was rejected through the site, you never hesitate and phone me right away, even though you are located in the U.S. and I'm in Canada! That's what I call dedicated services. Screw ebay! I'm staying here, at ComicSupply, for as long as I can. :) Marc-André
Testimonial by Ray M
I love The prices are excellent and there is always something new to bring me back to the site, such as new products and new sales offers (foreven better prices!). And the customer support is wonderful. I have asked somevery specific questions about high-grade comic storage products, and Russell (the knowledgeable owner of replied incredibly quickly and in great detail. I have benefited greatly from his expertise. Additionally, delivers my orders rapidly. has already earned my trust and loyalty. 08:09 25th Sep 2004
Testimonial by Russell V
The level of customer service and employee attention is a refreshing change from other online services. The never ending array of sales and deals, plus their email newsletter, and support of local community programs makes it a true pleasure to do business with. A ever increasing back issue inventory (reasonable priced at regular pricing), an array of supplies, fast shipping and overall superb customer service, has made Comic Supply one stop collector shop. AND I WON A $100 GIFT CERTICATE ON THE RECENT CONTEST!!!! Thanks for your attention and continued success. Russ V 09:43 23rd Oct 2004
Testimonial by Matt Sutton
I've gotten nothing but excellent service from and winning $150 plus two $5 tickets in the last month of shopping there was the icing on the cake! Russ definately has alot of kindness in his Grand deals and his Family based operation has not let me down yet. Reots, Las Vegas, NV 05:19 23rd Oct 2004
Testimonial by Matt B
Russell, Wow! I can't believe how quick I received my order! I ordered Thursday morning and the package arrived Friday! With the free shipping, I figured it would be a couple days at least! Thank you so much! Matt 08:32 8th Nov 2004
Testimonial by Richard Guzman is truly the best comic website out in the market now. I will never forget how it started. I did a website search for UNCANNY XMEN and there popped up the Clicked on it for the first time in Sept 2004 and I have kept on clicking on the website since. When you get a rep to call you personally RUSS did, then you know this is a good business and that was what RUSS did to make sure my experience with was the best. And when the comics came in the mail I was amazed. I never received comics that WELL packaged before, it was terrific, I was totally satisfied. The sales are the best, the contest is great, the website is easy to navigate thru, customer service is excellent and probably most important the shipping is fast and there is such a wide variety of comics to choose from, thanks to my full run collection of UNCANNY XMEN is almost complete. COMICSUPPLY.COM IS HERE TO STAY !!!!! RICH 23:11 4th Dec 2004
Testimonial by Sam
Hi Russell, Recently received my shipment of comics from you. I was very impressed with the packaging and condition of the comics. I hope to do business again with you. Thanks again. 20:38 8th Dec 2004
Testimonial by Fred R
I received my shipment this morning and felt the need to follow upon my original e-mail. When I bought my original order of 100 bags and boards I thought it would be a lifetime supply. Here I am buying another 100. I stated that I felt your prices and products were more than enough to make people come back for more. Now I must add that with your service second to none, I see no need for you to be concerned with retaining repeat buyers. Only fools with toes for brains would find a need to look any further than your business and they wouldn't find any thing that comes close. As long as I need supplies you will have my business. Thanks for your efforts, Fred Date: 11:47 24th Dec 2004
Testimonial by Brian M
After placing a couple orders with your store already for supplies and backissues, I just wanted to comment on how amazing your prices are! I can find anything I need for my collection, the product ships fast, it's well packaged and I plan on purchasing from you many more times in the future! Thanks alot, Brian.
Testimonial by Brad Wiss
Hi-- Just wanted to say thank you for the great comics When I first saw the prices for Silver Age back issues on your site, I thought I was mis-reading something since everything was so inexpensive--plus there was the $5 off for new customers and the free shipping! Now that I've actually received the books, I'm even happier since I've seen your conservative grading. So thanks again, and I will definitely be buying more. Thanks, and I'll talk to you later. Brad Wiss Date: 10:23 3rd Feb 2005
Testimonial by Johnson, Mark T. SSG
Dear Comic Supply: Thank you!!, Just wanted to tell you that, I have received outstanding support and service, I have shopped a lot of on-line stores, your by far is the best yet, I will be doing much more business with you!!Thanks for helping me get through the bag and board mix-up on my part on my last order!!
Testimonial by Mike S.
Just wanted to thank everyone at for the Amazing Spiderman #129 I won through the online contest. Thanks for the very well packaged orders that arrive incredibly fast. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the comics and the prices are the best I have seen online. Your website is always surprising me with more and more affordable back issues and comic sets, cool contests and great customer service. Thanks I have finally found my online home for comics, Mike S.
Testimonial by herb m
Just got that buncha' comics I bought off you and just wanted to let you know.... very happy. I was able to plug a lot of holes in my moderns at a great price. Nice to be able to get these without having to pay the rediculous prices some dealers want for this common stuff.
I'll be back for more

Testimonial by Meighan R
First, I want to thank you for the $10 per week coupon that I won in the comics for a year contest. I also wanted to say how pleased I have been with yourproducts and service. My orders have always arrived promptly and I have beenvery satisfied with the comics and supplies that I have purchased from yoursite. I have shopped at many online comic book stores and comic supply is theone I prefer to do business with.