Batman Chronicles #6
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Batman Chronicles #6
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Cover art by Michael W. Kaluta. Choices, script by Mark Nevins, pencils by Jesse Delperdang (pages 1-5, 16-18) and Quique Alcatena (pages 6-15), inks by Ray McCarthy (pages 1-5, 16-18) and Quique Alcatena (pages 6-15); Batman reads a story about Ra's al Ghul, set in the 1560's. Shadow Job, script by Brian Augustyn, art by Dave De'Antiquis; A story set during Bruce Wayne's formative years. Bruce, disguised as Frank Dixon, gets some detective training from private eye Dan Mallory. Cityscape, script by Dennis O'Neil, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by John Dell; Robin reads a journal that tells the true tale of how Gotham got its name and that it began as an insane asylum. 52 pgs. $2.95. Cover price $2.95.
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