Captain America v5 #600c
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Captain America v5 #600c
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PUBLISHERMarvel Comics
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SECOND PRINTING. Cover by BUTCH GUICE. Two years following the start of the media frenzy of "The Death of Captain America" storyline that began in Captain America #25, Marvel Comics asks "Where Were You When Captain America Was Assassinated?" in this historic issue. The giant-sized 104-page, full-color spectacular boasts the talents of Ed Brubaker, Roger Stern, Mark Waid, Alex Ross, and others, including two comic book legends: Cap co-creator Joe Simon and Marvel icon Stan Lee! Here are just a few details from this special issue: A 40-page story shining new light on Steve Rogers's death and serving as a lead-in to Reborn #1 that's written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Jackson "Butch" Guice, with contributions from Howard Chaykin, David Aja and Rafael Albaquerque. A 12-page story by Roger Stern & Kalman Androsofszky checking in on a number of players from Stern's classic run and carrying forward the theme of Brubaker's story. A 10-page story by Mark Waid & Dale Eaglesham detailing the auction of the largest collection of Captain America Memorabilia in the world in the aftermath of Cap's death. A two-page illustrated essay by Cap co-creator Joe Simon on the early days of working on Captain America with Jack Kirby. A two-page "Origin of Captain America" spread by Alex Ross. A full cover gallery of all 600 issues of Captain America, plus the 78 Golden Age issues as well. Finally, a wild, brilliant 24-page Golden Age Cap story written by a young Stan Lee and illustrated by Al Avison. Cover price $4.99.
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