Fantastic Four Foes #6
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Fantastic Four Foes #6
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FOES #6 (of 6) Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN Penciled by CLIFF RATHBURN Cover by CLAUDIO CASTELLINI THE EARTH-SHATTERING CONCLUSION! The Vault is completed, and it's worst-case scenario time. The Fantastic Four have spent the last few months gathering their greatest foes into one place--a safe place--but now something has gone wrong and they're faced with the combined might of all their foes. The FF are locked in a dire battle for their very LIVES. Who lives? Who dies? Will any of the FF live through this ordeal? (Man, it'd be a lot easier to fool you guys if that movie wasn't coming out.) 32 PGS./T+ Suggested for Teens and Up ...$2.99 Cover price $2.99.
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