War of Kings The Savage World of Skaar
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War of Kings The Savage World of Skaar
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PUBLISHERMarvel Comics
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Written by CHRISTOS N. GAGE. Pencils by GRAHAM NOLAN & REILLY BROWN, inks by NELSON DECASTRO. Cover by PAUL PELLETIER Note: This story takes place between Skaar Son of Hulk (2008) #7 and #8. Across the brutal landscape of the distant planet of Sakaar, there is only one law: kill or be killed. Bloodthirsty and cruel, the monsters and barbarians bow only to the deadly SKAAR, SON OF HULK. The planet does not welcome strangers, especially those with their own deadly agendas. So, when Gorgon of the Inhumans and Starbolt of the Imperial Shi'ar arrive on the savage world bringing their own intergalactic WAR OF KINGS, they risk the uncontrollable rage of the green-skinned warrior! Will Skaar be dragged into the Kree/Shi'Ar fight? Or will the deadly planet Sakaar, prove more dangerous than the battlefield? 40 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99 Cover price $3.99
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