Final Crisis #5
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Comic is VF/NM to NM-M
Picture is for reference only, not actual comic for sale.
Written by Grant Morrison
Art and covers by J.G. Jones, Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino

Humanity enslaved! Time shattered and bleeding! Anti-Life triumphant! Can Earth's demoralized, beaten heroes rally their scattered forces for the ultimate super-battle against the nightmare armies of Apokolips when the forces of good meet the forces of evil on the bridge to Blüdhaven?

As Darkseid's presence causes reality itself to sicken and the lights to go out across the universe, as even the Guardians fall, the true power of the evil gods finally reveals itself, and a major character returns for a shocking conclusion.

Does the secret of humankind's salvation lie in a mysterious cave painting and a bolt of lightning? Or has the Last Day come for us all?
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